Hallicrafters Model A84 Super-Fidelity Amplifier

Manual with schematic diagram: Hallicrafters_A84_manual.pdf

Chicago-made 10w Williamson push-pull amp. Somewhat rare (Hallicrafters was better known for ham radios).
Here is one nicely cleaned up, that someone was trying to sell in 2004: ebay item 5740836949


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In the two columns below are pictures of my two A84s.
Both worked & sounded great for a few years, until recently.
Now (summer 2013) they need work, so finally I will recap them.
I plan to post some "after" pictures soon.
Serial no. 533. Inherited from my father. Serial no. 217. Bought for $204 on ebay, Mar 2003
A84 sn:533, in cage. A84 sn:217, top view.
A84 sn:533, underside. A84 sn:217, underside.
A84 sn:533, spkr outs etc. A84 sn:217, spkr outs etc.
A84 sn:533, line input etc. A84 sn:217, line input etc.
A84 sn:533, template with tube map. A84 sn:217, template with tube map.