Will you be opening presents at the reception?
L: With all the good food, and dancing, and conversation, when will we have time?
G: Probably we won't. It's a picnic; you don't need to bring anything just bring yourself.

What are you wearing?
L: I'll tell you this much:  it won't be white or look like a wedding cake. So, go ahead and wear that white dress you like so much..
G: I won't go into too much detail and spoil the surprise, but don't worry, she will look like the bride, and we will look like we go together.
Oh heck, maybe I'll go ahead and spoil some of the surprise, I mean why did you browse here, after all? I'll tell you something surprising we will both be wearing, if you promise not to tell...
Let me whisper it, come close...

What should we wear?
L: The style we're promoting is that of a garden party. Picnic clothes won't be out of order, or you may dress up more than that, if you like. Personally, I am dressing up. We'll be outdoors (weather permitting) for much of the afternoon, so light colors and fabrics may be prudent, or--this being Chicago in June--an extra layer could come in handy. I'm not picky about what you wear, except I strongly recommend comfortable shoes!

What kind of cake are you going to have?
L: Suffice it to say that, just as there will be no bride who looks like a wedding cake, there won't be a cake which looks like a bride, either.
G: It's another secret. You know the routine...

Will we be throwing rice?
G: No, please. There are already enough things growing out of Lisa's hat!
L: The Grove does not allow grain throwing at the grounds of the Redfield Center.

Are you keeping your name?
L: No, I think I'll go without a name once I'm married. No, but seriously, I'm planning to hold onto my name. It has been loyal to me all these years. It doesn't seem right to turn my back on it now.
G: I'm keeping "Garrett Derner;" she's keeping "Lisa Gordon." We go to all this trouble to get married... seems kind of anticlimactic, doesn't it? The nice part is, anything we share, we can monogram "G."

Where are you registered?
L: Registered? I knew about the license, but do you have to register, too?
G: So far we have not made formal registries (except for, but you can find some hints on the gifts page.

Where will you live?
L: I think I'll live at home. I've invited Garrett to come live with me, and-as of right now-it looks as if he is inclined to accept.
G: That's 7723 N Ashland; see the contact page.

Where is your diamond? Where's the rock? What, no engagement ring?
L: Well, I don't want to spoil the fun for those of you who wear them already, but I will say this: "Diamonds Are Forever" is one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever devised. And that's just scratching the surface of the issues. If you want a peek at the seamy side of marketing, look into it. They sure are pretty, but I was never into diamond rings.
G: But you gotta admit, they are good for "scratching the surface" of practically anything!
Anyway I'm afraid it's true: behind the glitter there's a huge scam, and things which give us concern from a human rights point of view. Plus I strongly suspect the value will plummet in our lifetimes; here, read this.. The New Diamond Age ..from Wired, September 2003.
We will wear a pair of wonderful antique gold wedding rings, which were my great-grandparents'.

How did you get engaged?
L: Honestly, I'm still not sure how it happened. I guess you could call it gradual consensus building.
G: I did not get a "yes" the first time I "popped the question." But eventually I got a "we should discuss that!"

Where are you going for your honeymoon?
G: We have been talking about camping; maybe Starved Rock, maybe Door County...
L: I like Chicago. I have serious gardening to catch up with. After "wedding day," it's "weeding day" for me!
G: Ok, stay in Chicago. I think I'll go to Hawaii. All this planning has been so hectic, I know I'm gonna need some time to sort of get my head into a good place. Of course I'll call, or send postcards. Every day, promise!
L: You're not serious.
G: That's right I'm not. I wouldn't really leave you and go to another state.
L: Another state? I know, let's spend our honeymoon in the state of Bliss!
G: I think that's in the realm of possibilities.
L: Oh, The Realm of Possibilities! I always wondered what country the State of Bliss was in.